Project Zeus new spell added.

Our tech demo got a new update. Player can now throw fireballs with right mouse button, while throwing lightning with left. As with lightning, player has to drag and release the button on the left side of the line, going over the line cancels the spell.

Target that spawns and gets destroyed every few seconds got added too. While it works as a target to aim for, it doesn’t yet take damage.

Fireball and the target looks a bit sucky.

Project Zeus

New project! “Project Zeus”

Elastismash is currently frozen, probably until the Linux version of Unity gets a bit more stable. 😉

However we have started a new project, “Project Zeus” is the production title.

Designing the game started the day before yesterday, yesterday we got an artist to the team, and thus we are 2 coders and an artist now. We got a technology demo working yesterday and it is very promising.

In the game, the player throws fancy spells at monsters from one end of the screen with a flick of his finger. The aiming is skill based and fun.