Project Zeus going 3d

Because we decided to use 3D-models, we wanted to change the perspective from top-down to a bit of an angle, to see some of the front of enemies.

The game has a new waterspray spell, which pushes enemies back and damages slightly. The spread depends on distance of player dragging the finger, and is continuous.

Code has been made a bit clearer.

Graphics are being made, still not actually appearing in the game.

Game has exit to main menu feature.

Tutorial has also been added. It works only on mobile at the moment. It’s a short video of gameplay, with a graphic showing where player is touching his finger on. Works pretty well, I think.

Project Zeus advancing by leaps.

Our project, production title “project zeus” is still going forward. 🙂

Recoded the lightning bolt completely, partly because it didn’t fulfill our needs, being needlessly complicated and hard to modify and partly because we don’t want to use code we don’t have rights to on a commercial project.

Lightning bolt can fork now.

Spells get more power based on how long you wait, so spamming is probably not optimal. Fireball explosion gets larger, lightning gets a fork…

Shootable targets come from a side to the other side and take damage and the color shows how much damage they have taken.

Colors are inverted back to black bg and white lightning, because it actually works that way now.

Got a new spell, fire beam. Damage over time is also a thing now, for fireball too. edit: This graphic bugs, it’s black, and behind of targets so you can’t see the beam, but it does damage.

I almost feel like a real programmer. 😀 Glad I have a more experienced partner. No real graphics yet.

**Drag and release mouse on left side to blast, on right side to change spell.