Finished a humble project. No, not that one.

So we all knew that “very soon” was a lie, right? I’ve been busy ignoring my newfangled IT-engineering studies to do gamedev, or that’s my excuse anyway.

I’m learning Godot game engine to switch from Unity. Godot has a community game jam going on right now, and the theme is 2 buttons. So I made a pong, where each player has one button to move the pad around. Ball goes around with physics and there are fancy effects and if the ball stalls, players are in for a surprise… It’s really a mobile game, but you can play it on browser too on the next link.

No, the music game I was talking about isn’t quite finished yet. It is in a very good stage, though. The bugs have been ironed out. I’m mostly thinking about if I should release a version with just a couple of songs first for free, and how should I monetize the game or if at all and such.

Still alive, Project Zeus not so much, new project doing very well

So, haven’t been writing for a while. Half of the Project Zeus people (the guy that’s not me) got stuff to do and we decided to freeze the project. It was doing very well, though, I’ll be updating new version soon-ish, I hope.

There is a new project, a music game, which will get it’s own blog post very soon. I’ve been building it for a bit over a month I guess, and it’s very playable at the moment. It mostly lacks content, scoring system and some UI elements are Unity defaults, which I’ll try to rectify tomorrow.