Finished a humble project. No, not that one.

So we all knew that “very soon” was a lie, right? I’ve been busy ignoring my newfangled IT-engineering studies to do gamedev, or that’s my excuse anyway.

I’m learning Godot game engine to switch from Unity. Godot has a community game jam going on right now, and the theme is 2 buttons. So I made a pong, where each player has one button to move the pad around.¬†Ball goes around with physics and there are fancy effects and if the ball stalls, players are in for a surprise… It’s really a mobile game, but you can play it on browser too on the next link.

No, the music game I was talking about isn’t quite finished yet. It is in a very good stage, though. The bugs have been ironed out. I’m mostly thinking about if I should release a version with just a couple of songs first for free, and how should I monetize the game or if at all and such.

Project Zeus advancing by leaps.

Our project, production title “project zeus” is still going forward. ūüôā

Recoded the lightning bolt completely, partly because it didn’t fulfill our needs, being needlessly complicated and hard to modify and partly because we don’t want to use code we don’t have rights to on a commercial project.

Lightning bolt can fork now.

Spells get more power based on how long you wait, so spamming is probably not optimal. Fireball explosion gets larger, lightning gets a fork…

Shootable targets come from a side to the other side and take damage and the color shows how much damage they have taken.

Colors are inverted back to black bg and white lightning, because it actually works that way now.

Got a new spell, fire beam. Damage over time is also a thing now, for fireball too. edit: This graphic bugs, it’s black, and behind of targets so you can’t see the beam, but it does damage.

I almost feel like a real programmer. ūüėÄ Glad I have a more experienced partner. No real graphics yet.

**Drag and release mouse on left side to blast, on right side to change spell.

Project Zeus new spell added.

Our tech demo got a new update. Player can now throw fireballs with right mouse button, while throwing lightning with left. As with lightning, player has to drag and release the button on the left side of the line, going over the line cancels the spell.

Target that spawns and gets destroyed every few seconds got added too. While it works as a target to aim for, it doesn’t yet take damage.

Fireball and the target looks a bit sucky.

Project Zeus

New project! “Project Zeus”

Elastismash is currently frozen, probably until the Linux version of Unity gets a bit more stable. ūüėČ

However we have started a new project, “Project Zeus” is the¬†production title.

Designing the game started the day before yesterday, yesterday we got an artist to the team, and thus we are 2 coders and an artist now. We got a technology demo working yesterday and it is very promising.

In the game, the player throws fancy spells at monsters from one end of the screen with a flick of his finger. The aiming is skill based and fun.

Presenting Elastismash!

Elastismash is my physics game project. You have a ball on one end of a rubberband thingy, and you flail that around with your mouse.

It has 4 game modes, of which 2 are rather simple, dodging red balls and not letting red balls touch your artifact.

The other modes are a bit different, as in Tower Defense enemies come from one side trying to touch the artifact, and you kill them by smashing them. Damage is physics based, so the harder you hit, the more damage you do.

Boss Smash is the most fun mode, even if it’s very much a work in progress. It has three different bosses, who all have different defense systems and you have to to destroy their well protected heart (huge gem), before they get your artifact. The unfinished state is shown by the bosses having no attacks and there being only 3 bosses at the moment.

I’ve been busy with the new Linux version of Unity3D editor, but today I finally got the WebGL build working on my new website I’m not quite sure why it suddenly started working, though, let’s see what happens with the next project.